UcanC at Home

Simple & Easy Video Caller for iPhone / iPad with Group Call capability.


Many of Apple products come with Audio/Video communication tool, called "FaceTime®". This communication tool is available on iPad, iPhone and Mac. Both Audio and Video quality on FaceTime is very high and allows us to communicate with several peoples at a time. You just need to enable this function with the phone number on your iPhone or Apple ID. As long as your iPhones or iPads are connected to the Internet through WiFi or Data , “FaceTime” allows you to communicate with other iPhone or iPad users, who would be your close friends, relatives or families who lives away from you.

One challenge for the users, especially for elderly peoples who are not familiar with smart devices, is intuitive operation. The flexible user interface design on smart device would prevent simple and minimized operation sometimes.

IPUS now introduces simplified FaceTime caller for One-to-One and Group Call, called “UcanC at Home”. Once it’s set-up, users can make a video call by only intuitive 2 taps. UcanC at home also has a way to solve the battery charge issue with Apple HomeKit® ready Smart Outlet. Battery charge operation sometimes becomes another challenge for elderly folks. UcanC at home allows you to turn on and off one Smart Outlet device automatically and possibly to set you free from the battery charging task. (WiFi at 2.4Ghz connection is required for this function.)

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